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Why You Should Go On A Golf Trip (With Me)

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

My timing for this blog is very bad. It is early March 2020 and we don't really know the extent to which the Coronavirus will impact our daily life -- let alone international travel. That being said, you should plan on taking a golf trip. Preferably with me.

After years of international travel and golf, I was persuaded by friends, neighbors, and clients to organize a group golf trip to Scotland. I complied for three main reasons. One, I am by nature compliant and I don't like to say no. Two, I am a psychologist. Taking a group of loosely connected people to a foreign land felt like a great social experiment. Three, I was curious enough to see if I could pull it off!

For the first adventure, Change Golf Travel took 12 golfers to Fife, Scotland in August 2019. We stayed in North Berwick and played four courses in the Fife area. By the end of the four days, life long friends and memories had been made. I realized that arranging the trip was fulfilling enough to do it again and so adventure #2 was to Portugal.

In February 2020, 12 golfers from the Madison area heading to the Algarve, Portugal. This group was less familiar with each other than the first. But yet again, within a couple of days people were enjoying a new culture, they had made new friends, and their golf was improving. Once more, I was fascinated by people's sense of adventure and enjoyment from a golf experience away from home. At that point I decided that I liked hosting golf trips!

So why should you you go on a golf trip?

# 1: Travel broadens one's mind. I think everyone who has joined one of the golf trips has returned feeling enriched.

# 2: A golf trip allows you to travel with a group of like-minded people who share your interest in golf. It also gives you luxury of only focusing on golf for 3-4 days.

# 3: As we get older, making new friends is difficult. If you have recently retired, you will miss the informal relationships that come from work. Even if you haven't retired, golf trips are likely to expose you to a new network of interesting people. Golf friends can fill many gaps -- at the least, informal social networks. Check out this article HERE for friendship food for thought.

I remain curious about golf trips. This means that Change Golf will be heading back to Scotland in September 2020. We will be staying in the heart of St. Andrews and playing three of St. Andrew's golf courses (not the Old Course). It will be a trip of a lifetime, so please come and join me and your future friends.

Change Golf Travel

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