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I Love Data. You Should Too.

Big data is changing the world. Data helps us understand trends in education, healthcare, and human behavior. And by recognizing these trends, problems and inefficiencies can be addressed. Big data can also help your golf game.

Although golfers have been keeping statistics on their golf game for decades, the data has been used to compare against a fixed criterion of performance. For example, golfers may count the number of putts they have in 18 holes and compare it to the criteria of an expected 36 putts per round. Golfers may also count the number of greens they hit in regulation, or the number of fairways they hit. These static numbers are helpful for tracking a player's general progress, but as they are all interconnected they do not tell the full story (less greens hit in regulation will correlate with less putts because a player is hitting a short shot onto the green and therefore finish closer to the hole than with a longer approach shot). Data tracking like this is limited by its lack of dynamics, and also it's comparison to an outdated criteria.

Technology, and big data, has transformed how players can use statistics to improve their game. For example, if a male golfer -- John -- wants to reduce his handicap from 20 to 10 it would be helpful to know which parts of his game were holding him back compared to other male golfers with a 10 handicap. By using big data John can identify his game's weaknesses not by comparing his golf statistics to preset criteria, but by comparing his golf statistics to normalized data collected from a large sample of other male golfers with a 10 handicap. It is like the strokes-gained concept that you see on the PGA tour brought to the amateur game!

Arccos Golf is a leader in big data. By compiling the data of 26 million shots (and counting), we are able to see clear patterns emerging about characteristics of different cohorts of players. For example, the graphic shown provides driving distance data for different cohorts of players. These data provide much better insight into the areas of players' games that need improving for them to reach their golf goals.

Big, normative data helps me help you improve your golf game. It will also help you help yourself by directing how you spend your time practicing or what you indicate you want to work on in lessons.

If you are interested in a smarter way to improve your game (and you should be!), I recommend Arccos Golf to collect your golf data. Arccos technology can be bought HERE (and use the code CHANGE GOLFERS for a 10% discount). Or through Amazon HERE (or click below).

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